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Best Friend Grazing Muzzle

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Safe and comfortable, Best Friend™ Grazing Muzzles are recommended by equine health professionals to prevent, as well as treat Laminitis, founder, and obesity. The small opening in the bottom allows horses a limited amount of grass, yet unlimited water. The lightweight muzzles resist rubbing and chafing and will not rot. Body is made of soft, comfortable webbing with neoprene padding on the noseband to help prevent rubbing. The bottom is made of flexible and durable reinforced rubber. Breakaway feature that will hold in place under normal circumstances, yet will break away if a horse panics and struggles to free itself. To clean, simply hose off the dirt or swish the muzzle in a bucket of water. Each muzzle is packaged in a vinyl bag that is reusable as a grooming tote.

  • Allows horses to drink while limiting grazing;
  • Has a four-point Velcro breakaway system that attaches to halter;
  • Padded noseband with nylon/rubber construction.


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