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Fennell #523S Black/Chrome Show Halter with Snap

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Made by Fennells at our shop in Lexington, KY. A twist on the traditional brass fittings of a show halter, this halter's fittings have a chrome finish. You'll no longer have to polish brass to keep this halter in top show shape. Our black/chrome halter is suitable for a show, dress or barn halter.

Our 523S halter has these features:

  • Available in Horse size;
  • Made from hides of Black skirting leather;
  • Oiled to acheive a glossy finish;
  • Now with STAINLESS STEEL hardware;
  • 1" strap width throughout;
  • Edges dressed in black for a top show look;
  • Double buckle crown, fully lined;
  • Double stitched nose, fully lined;
  • Triple stitched cheeks;
  • Adjustable 7/8" chin strap;
  • Rolled throat, shaped to the jaw;
  • Snap added to the throat allows for easy removal without unbuckling the crown.

Our stainless fitting horse size halter is also available in Pony size. To add a matching Chrome nameplate, select 3/4" chrome plate separately.



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