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Bowman Horse Fine Harness

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Elegance abounds in this top quality, custom-made show harness. Features creased edges, true rounds, full box loops and fully tufted saddle. Includes saddle with French hitch, girth with French tie down, backstrap and crupper, bridle, lines, martingale, breast collar with neck strap and buckle on traces.

  • LINES -  with 3/4" billets, box loops, and round fronts. Also with 3/4" hand parts which are creased and finished. Includes handholds and rein stops.
  • BRIDLE - featuring 1/2" cheeks with deep cupped black patent covered blinds, round winker braces (wire enclosed), a padded lined crown, solid brass rosettes, false rounded throat, browband and noseband with black patent edges and red patent center. Rounded front overcheck with long split back overcheck. Detailed, etched keepers throughout.
  • GIRTH - Comfort-contoured black bridle leather body with no-slip pebble lining. Has 7/8" roller buckles for main billets and a 3/4" French tie down strap.
  • BACK STRAP - 3/4" wide with elegant false-stitching. With 4 box loops and an included overstuffed buckle-on rolled crupper.
  • BREAST STRAP - A 1-1/2" wide soft lined, padded body, patent leather scalloped pattern top layer having intricately detailed box loops and 1/2" box loop neck strap lead ups. Traces are full, true rounds with raised, padded five-hole billets and heel ends that are both fully lined.
  • NECK STRAP -  feature 1/2" false-stitched billet ends with false round and jigger for attaching to water hook.
  • MARTINGALE - Has round front forks, 5/8" false-stitched rear with a decorative solid-black patent tear drop on front and generous, adjustable girth loop.
  • BACK PAD - Black patent leather top featuring Red patent piping and padded, tufted lining. True rounded shaft tug billets with patent retainer loop. French-style shaft carrier loops buckle into raised, padded and lined carrier billets.

The workmanship on this harness is impeccable and is the best you will find for the price/quality combination!

Replacement parts are available - call us!

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