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Bowman Road Pony Harness

Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery for custom options or if not in stock. Call with inquiries.
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Bowman's roadster pony show harness is made with outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Lines have rounded front parts with 3/4" flat hand parts;
  • Bridle has deeply cupped patent leather blinds with rounds on the throat and front overcheck. Has a red trimmed patent leather browband and noseband;
  • Girth is comfort-contoured with a grippable lining and a french style safety strap;
  • Martingale has round forks with patent trimming;
  • Saddle has a patent top with red trimmed beading, a tufted liner and a C-style overcheck hook;
  • Hitch is French style with leather covered shaft loops and lined billets;
  • Also includes backstrap and crupper, a patent covered breast strap, a pair of 3/4" wide traces with true rounds;
A excellent combination of craftsmanship and value for any show ring!
I purchased this harness and used it to show my pleasure horse for almost 8 years. It never let me down. It always cleaned up well even when I had to show in the mud. If I had to get a new harness, I would certainly get this same harness again!!
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