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Doubled & Stitched 1-1/2" Gun Belt

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Fennell's has a long tradition of making quality dress belts. We extend our expertise into making a top quality Gun Belt.

Specifications: Our 1-1/2" Gun Belt is our widest choice and is suitable for a larger frame or a heavier sidearm where belt rigidity is of top concern. It is cut from heavy domestic bridle leather using the best part of the hide. Four color choices are offered in every Gun Belt we make. Two layers of leather are both glued and stitched. A double row of stitching on top and bottom is our signature yet also adds lateral strength to the belt. Both gluing and double stitching eliminate the need for any internal stiffening material. Hang your holster knowing you won't end up with a broken down belt. Five holes are spaced one inch apart. The No. 5 buckle shown is polished solid brass with a heavy tongue. Buckle is secured with Chicago screws enabling you to change to a different buckle. Please note that if you change our #5 buckle to a longer one, it will change the overall size of your belt.

Details: Each Gun Belt we make is custom made for the individual sportsman. In order to keep our price the best we've seen for this quality, we want to work with you to assure your size choice will be correct. Gun Belt Size is most accurately found by measuring a casual belt that fits you and add one inch. Important: adding an inch is necessary because of the stiffness and thickness of our Gun Belt and to allow for holster fit. See below for important details on how to correctly measure a fitting belt. After placing your order, we may need to follow up by email to confirm sizing and any other specifications. Allow a two week turnaround time.

Sizing: Measure from inside tip of your buckle (A) to your most worn hole (B). Now, to correctly size the Gun Belt, add one more inch!


Great heavy duty belt! Quality workmanship! I added the nameplate and I feel it is a very handsome belt.
If you love quality. If you want "the real thing" as far as leather belts are concerned, this is the belt for you. Over the last approx. 10 years, I have order about 7 of these gun belts. I have different colors and as I have expanded with older age, I have felt the need to buy a bit longer version. :) But I always come back to this product. Its built tough . Its built to last. Its AMERICAN MADE. I have also ordered this company's tapered belts and Ranger belts. They are also excellent quality but for my needs the 1.5 inch gun belt is without a doubt the best for my needs. Don't worry about the price . You are truly getting what you pay for .
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