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Custom Debossing, Custom Logos

Logo Samples

Fennell's has the capability to use your corporate, stable, personal or any other logo in producing any of our personalized leather goods. See the images below for examples of work we have produced in the past.

We work smoothly with you through the process of acquiring your logo in digital format and converting it to a usable format for production.



To deboss (press into) any of our leather goods, we will have a one-time die made in a fixed size suitable for the item of your choosing. Our hydraulic press does the rest! The dies usually range from $35 to $95 in cost; again, a one-time charge. We'll keep your die on-hand which can be used indefinitely in the future or returned to you. While the upfront cost adds to your project, we find that cost mitigated when spread over a volume order. Generally, customers will order multiples of a debossed item for corporate gifts and giveaways, groomsmen gifts, or any type of business promotion.



This customer took advantage of the space on the back of our keytag to show off their four star logo and promote their brand with potential clients. If they choose to, we can use their die again to promote to a new crop of buyers.



As well, we are able to convert your digital logo to a format suitable for engraving into our brass or chrome nameplates. We'll work to achieve the layout and look you desire and then let our computerized engraver go to town! Given plate size and resolution, a simple logo is best when choosing to have it engraved. Again, we will work with you to get the best look for your custom engraving. A maximum setup charge of $25 is applicable but that can be reduced to nothing with either volume application or by submitting a very simple logo which requires minor work to make it engraveable.



We have stock logos already built which can be applied to any of our nameplate layouts. We charge an additonal $4 to add a logo to a nameplate. Again, that can be forgiven with a volume order of the same layout.



Paw Print, Heart, Anchor, Anvil, Golf Clubs, State Outline, Four Leaf Clover, Om symbol... these are just a few of the Stock Logos we can apply to a plate for a truly personalized layout.



We make a Drink Coaster that your logo can easily be applied to. A great idea for volume purchases for promotion of your brand in the boardroom, home or tackroom.


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