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Driving Bits

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Stainless steel half cheeks finished with copper or stainless steel mouth. Available in size 5" only. Specify mouth finish.

Half cheek driving bit with twisted copper wire mouth. Mild bit with heavy gauge wire. Size 5" mouth only.
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Great slow twisted training bit.
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Stainless steel half cheeks with a double twisted wire in an offset scissors style mouth. Size 5" only.
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Stainless steel half cheeks in a snaffle driving bit mouth with apple flavored synthetic rubber cover.
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Apple flavored broken driving bit with copper roller.

Apple flavored mullen driving bit

Stainless bit with leather covering.

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All stainless steel with smooth broken mouth.
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Stainless steel bit with hollow mouth and barrel cheeks. Size 4 1/2" mouth.
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Sweet iron snaffle driving bit made of black iron and copper. Black iron and copper compound slowly oxidizes, making a sweet taste which horses like. 5"...
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Driving bit is made of stainless steel half cheeks and a smooth copper snaffle mouthpiece. In size 5" only.
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