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Belt Measuring


How to properly measure an existing belt to find the right size for ordering a new belt...

Be sure to measure to the hole you are using.
That may not be the center hole as is shown in the diagram above.
Your worn hole should be obvious by the buckle mark on the belt.

We find that the most accurate measurement is found by following the diagram above.
However, if you are only able to provide pants size, we typically add 2" to arrive at belt size.
Note that using 'pants size plus two' will not always arrive at the correct size.

The foolproof way to size for a belt is to measure an existing belt as described above.

Q:   Am I stuck with a belt that doesn't fit?
A:   No. We are able to move the personalized nameplate from a belt that does not fit to
the same belt but in a fitting size. There is an associated charge of $8.50 for that service
plus any return shipping costs. While we don't like to pass further cost along to you,
following the above instructions is the best way to avoid such costs.

If you must return a belt to be exchanged for the correct size, we only ask that you treat
your return as something that will be resold as new. If you try on the belt "too hard",
the creasing that results makes the belt tough to sell as new. If you return the belt,
wound up into a tight spiral, the same creasing will occur in a natural substance like leather.

We reserve the right to discount any belt that is returned with excessive handling, such as
described above, that would force us to discount in order to resell.