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Working with Split Rivets (example to re-embed video)


 The Split Rivet

 Split Rivet

Attaching nameplates to your halters is not the daunting task it may seem. It's actually handled quite
easily with a couple of tools you're sure to have at home.

Available in brass plated or chrome plated, we typically send two (or more) lengths of the split rivets shown above. When attaching them to a halter cheek, most cheeks are made with one end, usually the end closest to the nose, having three thicknesses of leather. The longer of the two rivets goes through the thicker part of the cheek.

As you can watch in the video below, 1) push the rivets through the front of the nameplate, paying attention to which rivet is longer, 2) put the rivet/plate assembly into the existing holes in the cheek, 3) turn the cheek with plate in place over onto a solid surface with the split part of the rivet showing through, 4) use a flat blade screwdriver or similar tool to pry apart the "wings" of the rivet, 5) with the front head of the rivet use a hammer

As you can see by watching the short video above, attaching nameplates using split rivets
isn't so hard and is something you're sure to want to try at your next opportunity.

No time like the present! Order a Halter Nameplate to attach to your existing halter and try it out!