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Fennell's History
Joseph Fennell, of Cynthiana, Ky, is credited with
inventing the modern horse boot.
He patented the scalper and speedy cut back in 1876,
as well as the hinged quarter boot in 1883;
devices still in use today.
His son, Robert Emmett Fennell established
R.E. Fennell Company, in 1909.

For going on 110 years, R.E. Fennell has been
the name in tack and supplies–
a name known to everyone in the horse business.
So whether the name rings a bell for you because of Joseph’s horse boots,
or because of his son’s tack business, if you know horses,
you know the name Fennell. . .and you can bet that
the people at R.E. Fennell Company know horses.

We look forward to seeing you in our Lexington location, or to hearing from you through catalog orders.

Come visit our home location on the historic Red Mile Trotting Track.
We've been a fixture there for over forty years. You'll find us there tomorrow.

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